Washington State Senior Games

Send Us Your Questions and Feedback

Questions or comments?
Send us your questions related to the Senior Games, health, training, injury prevention and rehabilitation, sponsorship information or comments about our website by phone, mail, or email.
By Phone
Call the Washington State Senior Games Information Line at 360-413-0148.
By Mail
Mail your questions and comments to:

Washington State Senior Games
P.O. Box 1487
Olympia, WA 98507-1487

By Email
Email your questions and comments to: WSSG Support Staff
Interested in Volunteering?
We rely on volunteers to help make the Games a success.
If you are interested in being a volunteer, please contact
Jack Kiley at 360-754-4937 or via email at jack.kiley@comcast.net.  

If you are interested in volunteering for a specific sport, select the sport from the list shown below and contact the commissioner using the information provided.

Do you have a
story to tell?
The Washington State Senior Games’ administration works closely with all Washington media outlets regarding any interesting stories about athletes and teams that will be participating in the 2018 Games. If you have an interesting story to tell, we are all ears! Do you volunteer in the community? Are you great at something other than the sport you are playing? Are you following in the steps of a sibling or parent?