Washington State Senior Games

Sponsorship Information

Here is your chance to support the annual Washington State Senior Games, held at various venues in the greater South Puget Sound area, July 19 – 23 (with a few sports held earlier and some later). In order to make this happen, Washington State Senior Games needs corporate sponsorship. As an all-volunteer 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, with our main location in Olympia, Washington, we are looking for help in funding this very worthy cause.

The 50+ demographic is the most widely represented and most affluent group in the United States. It is also the fastest growing demographic in the country. Someone will turn 50 every seven seconds for the next six years. 55 million people in the US are over 55 years of age and 34 million are over 65 years old. These figures will double by 2030. People over the age of 50 account for 43 percent of all US households. One thing that a large number of this demographic have in common is the bond they have created through sport and leading an active lifestyle. As the senior population continues to grow the Washington State Senior Games believe participation will also expand exponentially.

Washington State Senior Games offers a wide range of sponsorship opportunities. Among the many benefits are:
  • Reaching a diverse active adult market throughout the entire State of Washington.
  • An extensive marketing campaign that includes print, internet and direct mail, including a special section published in The Olympian and The Senior News devoted exclusively to the Senior Games just prior to the beginning of the events.
  • Naming and advertising opportunities throughout the games at each of the sites and at supporting events.
Everybody wins, sponsors, seniors and our community.  The Senior Games is a great way for seniors, volunteers, and others involved to have fun and get to know each other. The Washington State Senior Games program highlights an important cause: that seniors have become well educated about the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle.  There is no question that the exercise, competition and social interaction offered by the Washington State Senior Games contributes to a longer, healthier, higher quality life.

We invite you to consider your participation in this annual event.  Please give serious consideration to our funding request today.  For further information on Washington State Senior Games you may write at the address given below, call us at (360) 413-0148 or send us an email.

Washington State Senior Games
P.O. Box 1487
Olympia, WA 98507-1487

Sincerely Yours,

Washington State Senior Games Volunteer Board